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Back in the US now, hurrah.

Went to the funeral yesterday. I'll let Bardi tell you about it if he feels like it. Could be a while though. Used today to relax.

And a list, borrowed from

1. What does your first name mean? Strife, warrior goddess/priestess/princess
2. Your middle name, do you have one? Ayup. Iesha.
3. What does it (your middle name) mean? One who must be obeyed, or life.
4. What about that name at the end (unless you're a Jr. or III or something), what about that one? McCafferty - son of the horse rider.
5. So, if you were to put the meanings of all your names together, what would it say? the warrior lady who must be obeyed, son of the horse rider.
6. If you'd been born the opposite sex, what would your parents have named you? Either Guy or Keiran.

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