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There's a very good chance I may get to go to the Download Festival.

Hay: kel, I need to ask a question?
Me: sure
Hay: If i asked u to come to the download festival, what would u say?
Me: hmm let me think about this very hard
Me: **Wo0t!!** i believe
Hay: Suzanne ain't been answering any txts, and to be quite honest I don't want her to come..
Me: still?
Me: she's being quiet lately
Hay: she's being a f*ck head if u ask me!
Me: sounds like it
Hay: seems like she's f*cked everyone off
Me: well she never talks to me so at least i can't say she's being any different
Hay: very true. She's being a complete butt hole!
Me: yep
Hay: well what I'm gonna do is give her till monday night and if nothing the tickets u'res!
Me: **Wo0t!!**
Hay: u won't even need a tent
Me: cool
Hay: it'll be around £70, lets just hope suzanne stays away till monday now.... muhahahaha!
Me: lol

Alas it does mean two whole days away from the company of bardiphouka but it's a rare chance.

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