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We rushed to the hospital to see Nanna last night, they planned to do the endoscopy this morning. But while we were there they checker her over and she was still very ill, so they did it then. She really was terrified. We explained to her several times what the endoscopy involved, and as far as she knew theyw ere looking for an ulcer which they could fix. That is what the Dr told her.

What he told us was that the chances of it being something as simple as an ulcer were very very slim, considering the amount of blood loss. He really prepared us for the fact that it may be a rupture in her bowel and therefore, fatal. She would bleed to death quickly and peacefully. We waited.

She came out of the theatre just after 1am.

It had been a (small) ulcer, which he had been able to fix there and then.

I am losing count of the amount of times she beats the rather daunting odds.

Unfortunately, while I was with Nanna, Bardi's mom passed away. I had hoped to get there before. But I was just too late.

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