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I know... a lot of useless things, but very little of any academic use.
I have... bardiphouka and that's all I need.
I hate... fools, restrictions, vegetables.
I miss... bardiphouka and my friends in both the UK and the USA. Also being a child.
I fear... spiders, being alone, the dark, but most of all having those I love taken from me.
I hear... the dog whining, winamp, the canary hopping around his cage, the gentle hum of the pc, the clickety click of the keyboard.
I search... for pictures, information and inspiration, using Google
I wonder... what I wonder?
I regret... failing, being too trusting, letting others use me.
I love... bardiphouka obviously, my friends, my family, being happy and making others happy, finding the beauty in everything.
I ache... constantly in one form or another, both physically and emotionally.
I care... constantly in one form or another, about all the people I love.
I always... screw up, but that will never stop me trying.
I am not... perfect, beautiful, clever or talented (despite what bardiphouka thinks).
I dance... when no one is watching. Or when everyone is watching and I am drunk.
I sing... when no one is listening. And in the car.
I cry... more than I used to, which is perhaps a good thing.
I do not always... do the things I should do, take care of myself, take advice.
I fight... my inner demons, ignorance, hatred.
I write... as often as my muses let me.
I lost... my self confidence and sense of self worth somewhere and I can't find them again.
I confuse... everyone when I want to, and no one when I don't.
I listen... with quiet understanding, with love, with hugs a smile and chocolate to share.
I can usually be found... in my room alone, on the pc or PSX.
I need... bardiphouka, constant encouragement, pushed to do things I must and frequent hugs.
I am happy about... the fact I know there are people out there who care for me, my outlook on life, being able to hear birdsong when I wake and watch children play from my window.
I should... look after myself better, not let life get to me, write more, draw more, practise everything that needs practised more, move to the USA.
I am... myself, and nobody can change me or take that away from me.

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