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No one - NO ONE should EVER speak to my mother the way her boss did today, in fact no one should ever speak to anyone like that! Rightfully so she walked out and is NOT going back on Monday.

She had spoken to her supervisor about the issue with her wages (she works most hours and is payed least) and he had told her after a small argument where my mum arranged to put in her resignation that she would have a pay review with no guarrantees or a raise at the end of next month. She was happy with those terms and went back to work quietly.

Then the main boss came out and gave all 4 workers hell. He swore, shouted and threatened them without good cause, saying my mother had threatened her supervisor and that the others had put her up to it (which frankly is not true, my mum never threatens anyone as she respects the authority of others - a trait she raised me with, and she makes up her own mind to do things). My mother was actually terrified, she thought he was going to drag her away from the car she was working on and beat her to death that is how bad he was. Even the others were frozen in fear. She refuses to go back on monday and good for her, I've been trying to get her to drop that job for a while now, it's just a shame it took soemthign like this to convince her.

On monday I'll make sure she goes to the Job Centre to complain about his treatment of her and his other staff. No one deserves that.

If I could drive I'd go give him a piece of my mind myself, I know it'll take a lot to stop my dad from going and doing some damage when he find out.

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