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Had a decent day (aside from not getting to talk to a certain bardiphouka as long as either of us would have liked. I was taken Bank Holiday shopping with the rentals. Hmm I bought a nice Ghost In The Shell poster, the Akira special edition DVD half price (yay for store reward cards) and a friend for Butler, my roaring lamb in the shape of Crookshanks the big fluffy ginger cat who barks like a dog. Even my stuffed animals are as messed up as me ;). We had burgers and chicken wings at Burger King too. I didn't even know Burger King did chickenwings!

Then I watched Dragonheart with my parents (like that movie) and had cookies for teas as a cracker of a very close and lour thunderstrom rolled overhead. I love thunderstorms. Well, aside from one that felt like it was inside my head and caused me great agony, but fortunately never had one like that since (touch wood) and still enjoy them.

So aside from the lack of the man I love (darn his work sometimes!) and a slight glitch which I expected anyway it was a really good day. Hope everyone's was ^_^

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