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Ho hum.
Dad had arranged to take mum away for a weekend break over easter. Yay says I, enjoying the prospect of peace and quiet and real privacy. She refuses to go on the grounds her cough might keep other people awake in the hotel. Unselfish of her, but yet another excuse. She hasn't had a break in so long and she really deserves one, but she always finds reasons not to go. Tis a very nasty cough, she is going through a whole bottle of cough medicine a night, which I am sure is not advisable.

She also refuses to leave her job. A job that works her long hours for small pay, pay which btw we do not actually need. She just likes to have it, which I suppose I can understand . After all everyone likes to save money for important things. But she still goes there instead of getting a different job, even though her hands are cracked and bleeding from the work, even though she is frequently left stiff and sore, even though she gets jumped on for the tiniest mistakes that really she should not be jumped on for. Neither dad nor I can get her to stop going. Sigh. She wouldn't let me work there if they treated me like they treat her so why should she work there?

And she also hasn't had the growing itchy odd shaped mole on her back seen by a specialist even though we keep telling her to go. I think I mentioned that a few months ago. I don't think she told the Dr about it when she went to be honest.

I have no idea what to do with her.

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