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Bardi's with his mom now. Which is a good thing, he's looking after everyone.

I have decided that I have to go back this week to help as much as I can. I hope to be landing in the US on saturday, but I can't confirm anything.

My biggest problem is telling my parents. I never intended to run off like this at such short notice again. I never want to hurt them. I hate the idea that I upset them by going to the US. But this time I have to, so i will try and make them feel better by giving them a bigger role in my trip, and reminding them that yes I will be back here in the UK for my birthday, which I know mom really wants to share with me.

But how to break the news? Honestly for one. And in as much detail as I can give them. Show them the good points, and tactfully try to skip the bad ones.

I just hope I can cope.

I am such a coward.

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