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Of AIM and dreams...
To clarify the ramothhe dream, just for those of you with curious and/or gutter minds, it also involved my brother and his wife, neochichiri and neosuboshi and was a general nonsensical dream. Apparently we were going somewhere (a convention?) and stopped at someone's mother's house (not sure whose, not even sure I knew the person whose mother it was). At some point while all of us were sitting on some bunk beds I lost my bag, shoes and cell phone. I went to the kitchen to make an espresso out of brown sugar, and got engaged in a conversation with the mother who was baking lots of food for some kind of party. When I returned to the beds everyone but my sister-in-law were gone, and she told me they'd all gone downstairs to meet our ride. So I ran downstairs to tell everyone to wait till I found my stuff, and ramothhe insisted I stay by the car with the others so I could meet the driver while she ran back into the house to find my things with the help of my sister-in-law. And they found them yay! Then I woke up heh.
Absolutely no sex in that one.

Ramothhe2: you dreamed of me?
Kel Cara: lol it was one of those 'that makes no sense' silly dreams lol
Kel Cara: which apparently involved me losing my shoes, bag and phone underneath some bunkbeds while i was drinking espresso made of brown sugar in a kitchen where someone was preparing food for a party, then having to run to catch a car barefoot
Ramothhe2: lol
Ramothhe2: post to lj, thats interesting
Ramothhe2: who is your sister in law
Kel Cara: lol i shall
Kel Cara: her name is jennifer, a nice nurse lady
Ramothhe2: hehe
Ramothhe2: somehow I was thinking me, but I would be your neice in law
Ramothhe2: no wait..your
Ramothhe2: whoa
Kel Cara: lol daughter in law lmao
Ramothhe2: your daughter in law.. ^^;;;;
Ramothhe2: 0-0
Ramothhe2: thats rather funny
Kel Cara: *chuckles* heehee i get to be the evil mother in law

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