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Me: *evilness*
Hay: put ya fangs away now!
Me: aw =/
Hay: get to u're coffin now!
Me: but it's dark out
Hay: no! u've been naughty and evil..
Hay: witch
Me: no you're confused...YOU are the witch lol
Hay: oh yeah so I am. I have been naughty lately
Me: heehee
Me: get to gingerbread house? grove?
Hay: gingerbread.... yum
Me: ah you couldn't live in a gingerbread house, you'd eat it lol
Hay: I know. Or I'd take pride in knocking it down
Me: i might eat some of it lol
Hay: keep off... my ginger
Me: fine, then you can't have any of my pure virgins lol
Hay: dam.... are they men virgins?
Kel Cara: some of them...
Hay: I'm trade u one male virgin for a square of my gingerbread...
Me: it's a deal ^_^
Me: don't break him though heheh
Hay: woohoo!
Me: heheehe
Hay: Come here little virgin!
Me: or perhaps muahahaahaha
Me: *dips gingerbread in blood and nibbles it*
Hay: eww!
Me: yum
Hay: I am like so tired
Me: then sleep fool
Hay: can I sleep in ure coffin?
Me: oh ok ^_^ i'll be out anyway lol
Hay: ta...zzz
Me: lol
Me: *moves vampire teddy for you*
Hay: I'll bring my pooh
Me: heehee yay!
Hay: and my jammies
Me: woot

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