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Taken from Wifey's DeadJournal.

What was the first record you owned? I Know Him So Well from Chess.
Is there a song that reminds you most of your childhood? Hmm I don't think I could sum it up in any one song easily, possibly The Final Countdown by Europe or You Spin Me Round by Dead Or Alive.
If your life was a movie, what song would play over the following:
Opening Credits:
Ground Beneath Her Feet by U2.
Love Scene: Hmm if it was a nice love scene Probably All I Want Is You by U2, but if it was a ...ahem... fun lovescene (yay @ sex and nudity in movies) It'd be Erotica (William Orbit remix) by Madonna.
Driving scene that consists mostly of flashbacks and love lost: My Favourite Game by The Cardigans.
Closing credits: Something nice and relaxing and instrumental to allow the audience to process the information of the movie easily and gently....hmmm possibly Story by Gackt.
If applicable, name a song or concert that moved you to tears: Never cried at a concert.
Name an album that is perfect all the way through - No filler,
no bad stuff:
U2, Achtung Baby, or possibly Joshua Tree.
Music you like that could be considered a guilty pleasure: J-pop/rock...
If your music collection was about to go up in flames, which 5 CDs would you save? I'd grab as much of my U2 collection as I could carry! I imagine the latest 5 CDs of theirs.
Is there a song that describes you or a situation so well that you could have written it: I've actually heard a lot that remind me of me, and right now none come to mind >_<.
Has a song or artist changed your life in any way? If so, how? It changes it in every way every day.
What is your favorite soundtrack? Moulin Rouge currently.
What is your all time favorite music video? I am not sure, I like so many for so many different reasons. One of my favourites is Lemon by U2 though.
Current favorite radio hit: I don't really listen to the radio these days...


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