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Mars in Libra (3° Lib 29') Mars in the Fifth House

Mars in the Fifth House (or sign) gives an energetic and passionate nature, which is dramatic, enthusiastic, ambitious and proud. You have tremendous vitality and courage. You usually put your best foot forward, and are possessed of an innate charm and animal magnetism. You are physically active. You need to work through being selfish, or jealous, as well as a tendency to be extremely stubborn and convinced of your own point of view. You could benefit from cultivating greater concern for others.

Mars in Libra (or the seventh house) gives a sensitive, and emotionally impressionable nature that is very involved with other people. You are likely to have great charm and poise, as well as attraction to the opposite sex with this placement. You can be a persuasive talker, and are fond of getting your own way, but you are also truly committed to fairness for all parties to a dispute, and will go out of your way to make sure that it is achieved. You are likely to be a rash and ardent lover, and it is possible that you will marry early. You also may be attracted to the ideal of partnerships generally, and benefit from cultivating self-reliance. You might need to work through quarreling with others as a way of standing up to being overly influenced by them. You will benefit from cultivating moderation and objectivity in your dealings with others.

Neptune in Sagittarius (24° Sag 50') Neptune in the Seventh House

Neptune in the Seventh House (or sign) gives a charming, generous and idealistic personality. With this placement you have an intense love of beauty and the arts, especially music and painting. You are imaginative and visionary. You may feel a sense of obligation to other people. You can give a great deal to others without expecting anything in return. You dream of finding the perfect partner, but you may encounter difficulties in making that dream a reality. There can be emotional confusion, leading you to depend too much on the strength of another person. There are likely to be karmic lessons for you in regard to partnership and marriage. Making an effort to pull back from too much self-sacrifice can bring greater clarity to relationships, which can be of benefit to all concerned.

The following applies to your generation as a whole as well as to you personally:

Neptune in Sagittarius (or the ninth house) gives an impressionable, idealistic and very intuitive personality. You are inclined to the mystical, and are high-minded, seeing life in terms of visionary and poetic feelings, rather than in practical terms. You are capable of great belief in the unknown and unproven. You have a desire to explore and travel, to try new ideas and experiment with new ways of doing things. You may be attracted to spiritual studies, or psychedelics, as a way to achieve a transcendent state of mystical union with all creation. Your challenge lies in relying on your considerable inner vision to unfold your own unique pathway and to make concrete and real your flights of consciousness to other realms, and bring this vision to society.

Mercury in Capricorn (9° Cap 05') Mercury in the Eighth House

Mercury in Capricorn gives a serious, practical and detached mentality. With this placement you have a diplomatic bent, and also make a good teacher. You are determined and careful in your speech and communication with others, as well as your own mental activity. You are also acutely aware of your surroundings. You can help keep others on track with the reality of what is going on. You have good concentration and attention to detail. You can also be somewhat intolerant. You benefit from lifting your vision to the higher issue and cultivating idealism.

Mercury in the Eighth House represents a strong mental connection between one's inner awareness and one's own darkest or hidden realms of being. Your mental and observational powers are strong and your thoughts run deep. You have a deep-seated urge to communicate and connect with other people in more than superficial ways. You are intrigued by mysteries about others, and regarding yourself as well. Your will is strong, and you have a passion for discovering the truth behind surface appearances. Your penetrating intellect will plumb the depths of any subject. You may not immediately express your ideas however. You may choose to express your opinions when you decide that the time is right, and can thus appear to be secretive. You may appear to be quiet and almost passive, but you are an acute observer of the world around.


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