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In Excite chat you can see each other in avatars, and a nice but very foreign person comes in and has a conversation...of is a snippet:

free_melody: so r u male or i guess...... u r mail
kel_bardi: do i look male?
free_melody: sorry male :)))))))
free_melody: i can't see ur ava
free_melody: i looks as a boy
free_melody: or may be girl
kel_bardi: lol
free_melody: don't know
free_melody: so i guess female
kel_bardi: does this help/
free_melody: 2 faces of one female
free_melody: LOLb
kel_bardi: yes. very female
bardichaun: very very
free_melody: actually for me it looks like .....
free_melody: beansssssssss
free_melody: LOL
kel_bardi: beans?
free_melody: yes :)
kel_bardi: ok...beans
free_melody: :))
free_melody: it's not clear
kel_bardi: bardi - i am beans
free_melody: ok ok i'm sorry r u angry
kel_bardi: i am not angry
kel_bardi: i am amused

See, very nice person, but we got our wires crossed a little quite frequently lol


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