Doctor Fiancee (kellingham) wrote,
Doctor Fiancee

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Discussing a shirt and the sizing, ramothhe was concerned it would be too big on the bust.

Me: if that's a problem look for a liquid bra, they work wonders on me
Ramothhe: oh yes, love that gooshy cleaveage look ;-)
Me: hahah ^_^
Me: ( . )( . ) - sploosh
Ramothhe: heheeheehe
Me: heh
Ramothhe: ). ) (. ) goosh
Me: lol
Ramothhe: this is so bad
Me: let me guess, this will end up in lj as today's boobs conversation? lmao
Ramothhe: lol!
Ramothhe: feel free to stick in yours

I think I shall do just that heh
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