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Yoinked from chirallaeon:
1. How can I tell if you're angry?
Oh, you'll know. I am not easy to get truly angry, so there are very few people who have witnessed it. Plenty of people have seen me snapping or in a foul mood, but very few have ever seen me angry. I will shout. I will snarl. I will stew for a while and I won't let it drop for ages. I WILL argue.

2. How should I behave around you if you're angry?
Just remain as calm as you can. I tend to get defensive when I'm angry, but I'm surprisingly easy to soothe if you're gentle with me. If you snap back at me, it'll escalate, I can't help it. But if you're soft and logical with me I'll be able to gather my wits quicker and I'll probably apologise of my own free will then.

3. How do you want me to behave when you are hurting emotionally? How is it best to comfort you?
Chances are you won't know about it. I have attempted to open up to people in the past when I am hurting, only to get told they have it worse, or ignored, or just told to deal with it. So after a while I just stopped telling people, and I deal with it myself. Chances are if I get very quiet and distant that is precisely what I am doing. Either that or I am doing maths.

4. Are there things we should not discuss?
I don't have any taboo subjects. I will engage you in a debate though if I think the subject calls for it, so don't be surprised to hear my opinion on things should you bring them up. Otherwise I will literally talk about anything, given the opportunity.

5. How should I treat you when you are ill?
I don't get ill often (aside from colds - I am notorious for colds). The best thing to do is just check in on me now and then, and if I'm awake keep me company (unless I suggest otherwise in order to prevent passing on whatever I've got). You don't even have to talk to me, just let me know there's someone nearby. Chances are I'll be asleep anyway, I tend to sleep it off when I'm sick.

6. What makes you happy that's in my power to grant you?
I'm surprisingly easy to make smile. Say hello once in a while, that helps a lot. I rarely start a conversation myself for my own reasons, but I'm always delighted to be included in a conversation. Even if it's mundane. Treat me like I am a person, that's all I really need.

7. How would you like us to recognize your birthday?
Simply by acknowledging it, that's enough. If you want to send a card or a gift or sing a song, you'll make me blush and beam. But I'm content with people just remembering it.

8. Are there any standing categories of presents that would be appropriate or unwelcome?
I get baffled when people give me perfumes or make-up kits. I don't have a clue what to do with make-up usually, and it's usually in colours I would never wear anyway (helpful hint - if you DO want to give me make-up, black is good. Purple is good. Pink is NOT.). As for perfume, I do appreciate it, but often I can't wear it. Some of them give me a nasty rash and I sneeze for days. Perfume oils seem fine though. Otherwise I'm easy to shop for.

9. Are there times of the year that are difficult for you? Please explain if you are comfortable.
I don't think any time of year is necessarily difficult for me, but don't be surprised if there are a few holidays I grump about. Mostly because I don't see any point to them.

10. Are there important anniversaries in your life?
My anniversary with Pete, his birthday, my parents's birthdays, my brother's birthday, my niece's birthday and Hayley's birthday. Christmas is also incredibly important to me. I mean really, incredibly important. Some people don't quite get that.

11. How do I cater for you if you are visiting me?
Meat. That's the main one. There is no meat I know of that I will turn down, even if I have never tried it before. Rice and pasta are good too. Potatoes are welcome. I don't tend to eat vegetables, but if I like you and you make a lot of effort, I'll make a show of trying them (this is a BIG deal - there are a few that even the thought of them make me feel physically unwell). Cold drinks are appreciated. Fruit I LOVE (except bananas - that's a herb anyway). Desserts I will rarely turn down.

12. If I want to contact you, how should I do it?
I am very easy to contact. Email, MSN, AIM, Facebook, LJ, text message etc. All anyone needs to do is ask for my contact details and I'll share them willingly. Quickest way to do that is probably to email me,

Grab this meme if you want, I'm not the sort to tag people.
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