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I think I am closer to making a decision on what to do about housing. Looking at my options, and seeing the way things work around here, I may try for a while in council accommodation. A lot of the council flats are actually in the same blocks as the private ones I've been looking at so I know they're great quality and decent areas. But I'd be paying a fraction of the cost, and the only downside is that I would not really officially own the property for a few years. But that gives us time to build up enough money and get a really good mortgage, thus a house. Hopefully. Besides, with there only being two of us for the time being I don't suppose we really need three+ bedrooms and a garden yet. Gardens just need taken care of and that's boring. Let the council do it.

On the other hand the lure of owning property is a strong one. I have a good enough mortgage on my own to more than cover the cost of the first flat we viewed and it's a really really nice place. I could afford the second one too, but I am not as sold on that one, despite the rooms being huge.

Back in Luton in May for my fiancé's birthday.
I am decidedly pleased about this because I miss him so much right now.
Been sleeping on his side of the bed, cuddling the bear he bought me and making the best of his lingering smell before mum does laundry and I can't wrap myself up in it any more.

My neighbour with leukaemia (and face, liver, bone and God-knows-what other kinds of cancers) sadly passed away finally. It's for the best, her quality of life had vanished. The funeral is today and sadly it is at such an awkward time I will be unable to attend (work won't give us time off for funerals unless we're directly related, and they're even stingier about it to us nightshifters because they seem to think we stay up all day and work all night with no ill effects at all or something).

I'm going back for more blood tests next week.
Sooner or later they're going to work out what's wrong with me and fix it. Hopefully without any more of these massive pills they're making me take. Blech.
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