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I haven't really updated here for ages. I've just been so busy lately. Between work, planning the wedding and whatnot like that I'm not getting much time to myself. But it's totally worth it. I am quite simply happier than I have ever been before. I never realised how much was missing in my life until I had what I truly needed. I am one hell of a lucky woman. I found someone who loves me just the way I am and who encourages me to be myself. Someone who cherishes and appreciates me, and someone who in all the years we have known one another has never once taken me for granted. He has always been a good friend to me, and I am proud to be his bride.

And it just needed said.

Anyway, on other fronts the doctor is still puzzling over what to do about my blood results and liver. I go back to see him again this week for the latest results and see where we go from there. Either the dietary changes he gave me will have helped and he'll be able to work out exactly what I need more of, perhaps prescribe me supplements for the bits that are missing randomly, or it won't have worked and we'll have to try more tests. He isn't sure, but perhaps fixing the vitamin deficiencies will fix my liver too, but if it doesn't, I'll require more testing for that anyway.

As far as wedding planning goes, we're doing brilliantly in my opinion. We have the location, we have the reception venue, we have entertainment and caterers and loads of those silly little touches like favours and I even have my dress. Invites will be going out formally soon. At the moment there are no invites being sent out to those of you in the USA, because I know how much of a financial burden it is to expect any of you to travel all this way just for a wedding, however if anyone can actually attend and wants to, just let me know. I'd love to have friends there.

When it comes to work, I've been moved into a separate little room to do some more hands on stuff that suits me down to the ground. We even have a little radio in there, so that's nice. It's still not a career, but it's paying the bills. Which is good because there's a house I have my eye on.

In short: Life is good finally.
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