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  • 00:21 @Sageogfruit Well that depends on your definition of what old is. @bardi own a DS and he's in his 50s. PSP too. And a Wii. #
  • 00:22 @bardi Alas no. Ouch. #
  • 00:31 @Sageogfruit The world is changing. More and more older people have technology. Most of my aunts and uncles have facebook, for example. #
  • 00:34 @Sageogfruit Not really. @bardi's dad is on facebook too, and he's in his 80s. He's in the USA. #
  • 03:21 @bardi He is isn't he. I forgot that. Yay him! #
  • 03:33 @bardi Quite true. Assuming the cats don't count of course. #
  • 03:37 @bardi That's debatable. I think you were the one who was adopted you know. #
  • 03:40 @bardi I cannot see Q on a plane, can you? prof would just charm the stewardesses the whole way. Lots of scritching. Q would try to pilot. #
  • 03:43 @bardi No, she'd head right for the Canary Islands! #
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