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sometimes you find something that puts a smile on your face, makes you feel loved. I was in a chat with Hayley and her friend Lyndy and I left to go watch a show and i accidentally left the window up. When I came back I found this snippet of conversation among the general blathering chat:

Hayley says:
I want Kel to come back on.
Lyndy says:
shes mad !
Hayley says:
I miss her when she ain't here!
Lyndy says:
Hayley says:
she's like my bessie mate in the whole world
Lyndy says:
poor las having u as a best mate
Lyndy says:
ha ha
Hayley says:
hey watch it...
Hayley says:
like my big sisser she is

To be honest, for all her faults (and that's quite a list lol) I miss her too. Maybe I should send her a valentines day card or something.
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