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I was really excited for this movie. I really was. And to be honest it was not a bad movie. It started off really well.
You got the whole story of Wolverine and Sabertooth being brothers and whatnot. Wolverine discovering his claws (I see they went with the bone-claw theory - I'm okay with that) and his father's death and everything. Then the wars he and Sabertooth fought through. All good. And then you get Team X which made me go EEEEEE!
Sure it's not perfect, but good enough to make me go EEEEEE!
Especially because Wade Wilson (Deadpool) is part of the team. I knew they were putting him in it, but I wasn't sure if he'd be any good. He wasn't exactly as I imagined him, but he was good enough to make me accept him as Deadpool.

Fast forward through Silverfox's death and the adamantium. That's all good. No problems there really.

And then we discover Sabertooth is hunting mutants. And Wade is supposedly dead. That was a big WTF for me. Turns out it wasn't strictly true but meh. To find Sabertooth Wolverine needs to find Gambit.

Who doesn't love Gambit?

So off he goes to New Orleans to find him. And he looks like a total pimp, moderately attractive. His hair isn't red enough, his eyes aren't black (but they do go red) and he looks a little young but that's logical as it's all set before Wolverine joins the X-men. Cool. He even has a cool stick and does card tricks.

Then he spoke.

Why is Gambit not Cajun? Gambit is supposed to be Cajun. He never once says Mon Ami.
Gambit isn't fucking Cajun in this movie. I suppose he happens to be in New Orleans, but he's not fucking Cajun.

ANYWAY we move forward blah blah plot etc. The story I have no complaints with by the way.

Cyclops is in it, but I can forgive that. Not everyone dislikes him as much as I do.

And then we come to Wade not really being dead. They've turned him into Deadpool. But it's not the Deadpool I know and love. They've sewn up his mouth which really defeats the purpose of the character. They took away his personality. They gave him a bunch of powers he doesn't have. And then they decapitate him.

Not that a small thing like that would actually kill Deadpool, it would annoy him though.

I was just so thrilled to see Deadpool in the character list... and then I saw what they did to him. Majorly disappointing. And fair enough, the movies and the old comics are not the same universe and they have already changed a lot. I just was really looking forward to wisecracking, crazy Deadpool and Cajun Gambit. Not silent, robotic Deadpool and... not Fucking Cajun Gambit.

Plus most of the effects felt really rushed and half-assed. The CGI was poor and the greenscreening was obvious.

In short - great action movie, but not brilliant.

At least Hugh Jackman has always been the perfect Wolverine. He really saved the whole thing.
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