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Picked up this meme on Facebook, posting it here as well because I can.

1: I have 5 tattoos. I constantly plan on more.
2: Despite that the only piercings I currently have are my ears, with no real plans for anything else.
3: I work in the whisky industry. I don't actually like whisky, except in a mixed drink. I'm a cider drinker as a rule.
4: I have a whole lot of love in me. If I know you, I probably love you in some way. Seriously.
5: I can be found on a variety of social sites including LJ, DA and Twitter, all under the name KelBardi. Add me, if you haven't already.
6: I hate phones. Seriously. I only speak on the phone when necessary. So if I don't return calls, it's not that I am avoiding you I probably just want to speak to you in person/on IMs. Email is far more likely to get a swift response than texting me.
7: I like wearing skirts.
8: I have no idea how to apply most forms of make-up. Most often I will make do with a little lip colour.
9: Nor do I ever have a clue what to do with my hair.
10: I haven't given my hair a proper cut in almost ten years.
11: I lack artistic talent. I make up for it with enjoyment.
12: I vote Lib Dem, mostly because I just don't like the other guys.
13: I love socks. The more interesting, the better.
14: I miss my friends, all of my bestest friends are miles and miles away.
15: I never went to university by choice. I have no idea what to study.
16: I collect a variety of things, including luxury books, artbooks and action figures.
17: I'm not as smart as I seem, but there's a scrap of wisdom there that shows on occasion.
18: Yes, I do have a thing for older men. Just in case you hadn't noticed.
19: I am not a mother, I will most likely never be a mother and I certainly do not have any immediate plans to be a mother. Not to any humans anyway.
20: I spoil my cats.
21: I am incredibly selfish and will freely admit it.
22: I have very little in the way of self esteem or confidence. I'm also shy and socially awkward.
23: Don't ask me what my favourite things are. I like too many things too much. So I don't have a favourite band, movie, food or anything else.
24: I love a good debate, on practically any subject that I can join in with. especially with someone who knows their stuff and isn't just trying to have an argument with me.
25: I have very little concept of TMI. I do know what is appropriate and when, but if someone asks me a personal question or starts a personal conversation I have no qualms about cheerfully answering as honestly and as informatively as I can. So only ask personal things if you really want the answer. In detail.
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