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So I have been contemplating a new tattoo for a while. I want one on my left leg. But I am having trouble getting a design down. I know I have a lot of helpful and/or artistic people for friends (hoorah!) so I thought some of you may have ideas or even better, designs.

What I want are bubbles, or bubbly themed stuff. Preferably simple so that I can get them done in white ink, but if you have/make/find something particularly delightful I'll take a look at it regardless of colouring.

Also if you find something that vaguely fits the theme of bubbles, let me see anyway if you think it may be of interest.

You don't have to be artistic to help out, you can find ideas or point out things that you think I should see, though if you want to draw something up for me special I shall love you a lot. I cannot promise I will use any of your designs or ideas, but I will give every single one a good hard and cheerful examination. I could even end up combining a whole bunch. And feel free to be loose with the interpretation of bubbles.

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