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Funny how things work.

Here I was, storming home in a furious mood thanks to lazy, stupid, inconsiderate co-workers and hard work and soreness and whatnot, ready to make a huge rant post about it.

And I noticed my phone was telling me I had voicemail.
I never get voicemail.
I didn't even know I had a voicemail inbox.

So I listen to it. It's from very pleasant sounding southern woman (guessing Londoner) to her son (wong number, obviously). She was thanking him for the card and chocolates he sent her for her birthday (50th). She even added the sweetest little "yum yum yum!" which had me grinning. And it was just so sweet that I instantly felt cheerful again. I was going to call her back to tell her she had the wrong number, but she ended it by promising to call back first thing today, so I shall let her. I might wake her at this hour anyway, or interrupt her at work or something.

It's the little things.
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