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This is the Concert situation as it stands - taken from a conversation earlier on AIM:

Her: hope u're not pissed off wid me and suz for getting a hotel for wednesday night?
Me: a little. it leaves me stuck in the middle of glasgow
Her: u could always get a room as well. It's just easier for us though to stay in glasgow central
Me: i can't afford a room
Her: it's £20?
Me: i'm broke hay
Her: So am I lass, thats why we have to stay in glasgow 2 sav dosh on train fares
Me: erm. the train is a fiver
Her: that it? it is easier for us in the morning though
Me: brb
Her: gives us more time in glasgow
Her: Also means we can stay in the pub longer!!
Me: back
Me: still leaves me stuck in glasgow alone though
Her: u can get on the train divvy
Me: alone on a night train in glasgow? how marvelous
Her: I'm sure it'll be fine
Her: we have to use the tube

At this point I just stopped replying before I said something I might regret. Sure she's using the tube. During the day, with Suzanne (who is a large woman in all dimensions, really quite imposing she is, even if she's as cuddly as a little ginger kitten), probably surrounded by other shoppers.
This is a mixture of idleness and pig-mindedness. Grah.
*Shuts up and fumes quietly*

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