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Hmm not only did my friend book us for a concert to a band I'd never heard of (Taproot - apparently this will involve a lot of screaming and moshing) without asking me (then said it was my Christmas present - how nice) on Wednesday, but now she has booked a hotel room for the night instead of taking the train back to my house, leaving me alone in Glasgow late at night to find my way home without saying anything about it beforehand, up till then she'd said she had been taking the train with me.

I have three choice as I see it:
1) Crash in her hotel room on the floor (most hotels here charge per person and not by room so if I'm discovered it will cost a small fortune)
2) Give up shut up and brave the trip home alone
3) Not show up (I have downloaded some of the songs and to be honest I'm not really thrilled about the concert)

Anyone spare some advice?

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