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It's Eilidh's 3rd birthday today (she's 3!!). We had her birthday party on saturday.
What did she get for her birthday today?


Chickenpox! XD
Poor thing. Still, better she gets them now rather than later. I imagine her cousins will be dragged over for a nice bit of infection, though apparently they're not allowing her into playschool. When my brother and I had them we were asked to go by the parents and teachers in order to spread them around as much as possible. Entire communities would be immunised in a single batch. As I recall I got a particularly nasty batch, I had the sores inside my mouth and everything. So I got a massive dose, no chance of infection for me.

Guess it's changed these days, which seems silly to me. If their kids get the pox later it will be much more than an itchy rash after all.

Heh. How's that for a birthday present?

Also, still taking suggestions for the soundtrack meme.
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