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Dear brain,
I have never seen High School Musical. Chances are I probably never will, not intentionally anyway. So I appreciate that when you decide to have a dream about it, you pretty much have to make the plot up. I don't really have an issue with that.
However, I am pretty sure Disney has never made a move aimed at kids that involved underage drinking, tattoos of penises (highly anatomically accurate), implied homosexuality and zombie monkeys. Well, maybe the implied homosexuality and the zombie monkeys, I do remember Pirates of the Caribbean after all.
So while my version was undoubtedly more enjoyable, I am pretty confident it was far from accurate. I did rather enjoy the bit with the summer evening, the cicadas and the smell of barbecues in the air though.

Also, who on earth is Miley Cyrus and why was she in the dream? Is she one of the characters from HSM and I have somehow absorbed the name? WTF brain?
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