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My previous entry about the black button question generated some interesting results. 6 of you voted, an overwhelming majority (5-1) for not pushing it. And you had some sensible and well thought out reasons.

But many of you did not vote.

I am wondering if perhaps some of you were afraid of being judged for your answers. I deliberately allowed everyone to view the results of the previous quiz and who chose which answer. This time, it's anonymous and I don't expect or need any comments on it, though if you choose to you may reply anonymously. I shall screen the comments so no one will ever know.

Now, you're faced with the same scenario once more. You are presented with a black button. You press it and you receive $1million. But someone, somewhere in the world, dies. Or you can leave without the money, but that random person lives. Assuming you do not know the end of the scenario...

Poll #1161299 Push the black button II

Push the button?

Push the button!
Don't push the button!

I wonder if these results will be any different this time?

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