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IMDB keyword meme
1. Go to and look up a bunch of your favorite movies.
2. Post three or four official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for each.
3. Guess the movies! No Googling!

1. Circus Performer, Tea Time, Key, Prime Minister - Guessed by belgatherial
2. Steampunk, Metrosexual, Transformation, Cleaning Woman - Guessed by binarygoddess
3. True Love, Man In Drag, Goat
4. Female Nudity, Artificial Intelligence, Diving
5. Bad Poetry, Bathrobe, Towel - Guessed by brigid_rising
6. Orphan, Prophecy, Strict Teacher, Teen Angst - Guessed by bardiphouka
7. Stabbed In The Mouth, Bludgeoning, Death By Empty Coca Cola Bottle, Child Hero
8. Self Injury, Unconventional Romance, Typewriter, Typographical Error - Guessed by brigid_rising
9. Spoiled Brat, Overweight Child, Poor Family, Contest - Guessed by gblvr
10. Fireworks, Underground, Homosexuality, Revolution - Guessed by bardiphouka
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