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Eilidh was visiting yesterday. She was playing with her little cute toy zoo. My father was looking in the little cart that is full of carrots and apples and whatnot and he asked her if she thought the zoo keeper was taking the carrots to the elephant.

"Nooo! Elephants don't eat carrots!" Eilidh replied.
"Do they eat apples?" Dad asked.
"Do they eat bananas?"
"What about popcorn?"
"Hee hee no."
"So what do elephants eat then?" my father asked.

Eilidh thought about it for a moment.

"Cows." she replied, matter-of-factly.

I believe she also stated that walruses eat camels.

I love that kid.

I just saw Cloverfield tonight as well, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Except for the annoying party scene. Too much talking and not enough monster in that bit.
I loved the monster!

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