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Most people on my friendslist have probably already caught the news that Dumbledore is officially gay. I think it's sort of a sweet twist and it does explain a few facts about the man (why he gave such a damn about Grindelwald, why Grindelwald didn't just tell Voldemort about the Elder Wand despite having being defeated so publicly by Albus, why if he was such hot property did he never marry and have kids, why he is just so damn stylish etc.) but it's been a theory in most fandom so long I actually kind of took it as a given already. So it's not so much news as an affirmation.
It's still sweet that he was in love with Grindelwald.

I want to know why James was so rich. Old money? New money? Cat (deer) burglar?

Combine that with House telling Wilson that he loves him, this is turning out to be a very gay day. In very cute ways.
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