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Years and years ago, less than 20 years ago I think, I saw a movie on TV that may or may not have been anime but was definitely animated. Since then I have never been able to work out what the movie was, or if I imagined it. Maybe one of you here will be familiar with it.

I missed the start so I don't know how any of the people involved know each other or why they are connected.
On a spaceship/space station there was a group of adults. A woman, a man, an old man (I think with a beard) and the token evil man.
On a planet's surface there was a young child who seemed to be alone and lost.
The group of adults had a sort of egg shaped thing which they used to communicate with the child and give him advice. He also had an egg shaped thing and I believe that he thought it was speaking to him directly. The evil person would give the child bad advice, I think he was trying to get him killed.
For instance at one point he tried to convince the child to walk into a lake, but was stopped by the woman (?). I know that the nice adults gave him advice to eat a giant berry of some kind and it made him fall asleep.
The child made friends with an odd animal of some kind which I think he rode for a while until he rode it into a cave and tentacles ate the animal. I am pretty sure this caused him to drop the egg thing.
At some point the old man with the beard died and they shot his body into space with their own (now silent) egg thing, believing the child was dead (not sure on that).
There was a scene with the man and the woman watching waterlillies opening and releasing some strange little glowy creatures who floated away. All except one that got stuck. I can't remember for sure but I am sure they discussed the fact that it would die and that was nature, but decided to help it anyway and it hung around for a bit.
There was also some plot with the adults involving space pirates (?) and general evilness. The man and the evil man were captured by faceless flying puppets and flown to an arena or something while music that reminded me a lot of Enya played. It may have actually been Enya, but I was very young.
In the arena there were a lot of space pirates (?) sitting watching a giant column of energy who seemed to be their evil leader. They were going to throw the good man into the column as a sacrifice of some kind but at the last minute the evil man pushed him aside and jumped into it, killing himself and causing his final good deed to be the death of the energy column in some way.
Meanwhile, on the planet, the kid is wandering around all sad because he lots his best friends (the animal and the egg). Stupidly he decides to go for a walk into the lake the evil man told him to swim in and is attacked by monsters. Luckily for him a fellow is flying by in a little pod ship of some kind and rescues him. The last thing I remember is the man tucking the unconscious and bandaged boy into a bed and flying off.

Any ideas at all?

::EDIT:: Solved! It's Time Masters!

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