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Livejournal have started suspending people again with no warning. This time I am particularly saddened to see the loss of ponderosa121, as I have always enjoyed her work, though she is not the only one having been targetted. She was banned with no warning, permanently, thanks to new policy rules on LJ about the depiction of minors. I had a look at the image she was banned for and I am somewhat confused as to me Harry doesn't particularly look that underage. He could very easily be 18 or 19. She has never encouraged abuse of minors to my knowledge, nor abused any herself so this strikes me as something of a very very poorly thought out witch hunt. You can read Ponderosa121's thoughts on it at her Greatest Journal account.

Anyone could be targeted, as it seems that while fanfiction has a chance to be reviewed and judged case by case art gets you an immediate and silent ban. Hell, if they look back at my stuff I could even be on the list because it is not as if I ever specifically state the ages of the characters involved, I leave that for the viewer to decide. Am I going to remove or block access to my old work? No. I haven't done much that is smutty, nor have I stated that any of the characters I have drawn in the past are in any way underage. Though, given the picture Ponderosa was banned for, that would probably make no difference anyway.

There is going to be an uproar over this in fandom. Check out either erotic_elves or pornish_pixies for more if it's your thing.

While I agree that genuine sexual predators need to be harshly dealt with, I sincerely doubt that going after artists and writers is achieving anything except pissing off LJ's customers. It's kind of like the police all trying to arrest a guy for speeding when there's a group of people around the corner murdering someone.

The worst part is that artists are not being given a chance to correct or remove art posted before this new rule came into effect. There is no warning whatsoever. They're just banning, and I note they've removed the strikethrough on their names, probably to avoid another Strikethrough 2007 mini-riot. At least they have allowed test cases of fanfiction to be put to the abuse team without fear of banning for them.
What I want to know is who defines a piece of art/writing as obscene, or of literary/artistic merit and what guidelines are they using?

Anyway, normal cheerful posting will resume shortly, I hope. With any luck LJ's team will once more apologise and fix what went wrong.

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