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Many of you in fandom will already have heard about the internet vigilante group, Warriors for Innocence. For those of you who haven't there is a good post here summing up what's going on. Basically they are believed to be behind the suspension of lots of journals in an attempt to cleanse the internet of pedophilia. A noble cause you might say? In theory I would agree.

Problem is they're not actually checking out who they complain about first. It seems they are going by trigger words in people's interest lists. So anything relating to pedophilia or incest or even age play or just anything they don't like is on their hit list. Now this is not a concern to most of you on my friendslist.
Or is it?
Who likes gothic lolita fashion? Oh look, the word lolita. A Spanish community created to discuss the book Lolita was shut down. As such I would suggest removing such terms from your interest lists at least until this all blows over. A lot of roleplay communities and journals have been hit too, and pornish_pixies has been suspended. They dealt only in art and fanfiction, even then it was usually all perfectly above board.

Just be careful out there in LJ land, there is no proof that it is specifically a pedophilia hunt or even directly related to that Warrior group. There is no telling what interests may be targetted next, if at all. All that anyone knows for sure is that suddenly a lot of journals are getting shut down. This is however, not the fault of LJ or their Abuse team. The only reason they are even suspending anyone is because they have no choice really as some anonymous being or beings and making complaints, so don't take it out on them. I think, legally, their hands are tied.

::EDIT:: There's a post from a lawyer's perspective here.

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