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After a fully fantastic and remarkably busy week, bardiphouka has vanished into the recesses of Edinburgh airport and I am alone again. Bardi took lots of photos, mostly of lovely scenery, but I shall leave those for him to upload should he wish. I shall just share a few notable ones. I shall probably leave most of the telling to him too, he's better at it. I shall have a quick go at a summary however.

We went to Falkirk a few times, usually passing through to the train station but once or twice for shopping and browsing. We discovered that coffee and cake at The Lab is rather good (in the alleyway between Burger King and Zen should anyone be in Falkirk).
We shopped in Glasgow also (Forbidden Planet FTW!) and we both have lots of new toys, me more literally than Bardi. Though he did buy me far more than he probably should have and as such he needs to be told off.

Edinburgh we did twice because we just had so much fun being tourists there. Anyone who visits has to do the Literary Pub Crawl. Books and booze, how much better does it get? The actors guiding us around were a lot of fun and top blokes. We also did the Mary King's Close tour which was a lot of fun, probably because we had a really good guide for that too. We dressed up in traditional Highland warrior garb and had our photos taken (posted below). We also ate at the World's End. Gaiman fans may recognise the name from the Sandman book of the same name. Given the people eating there, it may have been the same one. We also did our own mini pub crawl. I even wore a skirt. Did you know that Finnegan's Wake bar in Edinburgh has these tiny little enclosed booths that people can't really see into? I do now. Nearly empty trains are fun to ride in too. Bardi discovered haggis and liked it. Also, cider.

We did a lot at home too, watched movies, played video games and the usual. I am just sorry it was only for a week. I had so much fun and Bardi seemed to enjoy himself too. *sigh*

We started off with very good coffee at Comma cafebar. I had a hot chocolate crumble.

I also got my new tattoos. This one is in white ink and shall look much better once it's healed. It's all scabby right now. Right forearm.

Bonus points for anyone who gets what this new tattoo is referring to! Right forearm.

Speaking of new shiny things, look! Shiny!

Then off to Glasgow, were we didn't take too many photos because we were busy shopping.
Coppuccino. Haha!

Goth piper busking away.. gothily.

Edinburgh! Pretty castle! Actually, they were setting up the Tattoo in the castle when we went so we didn't get to look around there much.

Bardi looking bemused outside of the Beehive, which does really excellent apple pie. Also where the Literary Pub Crawl starts.

Welcome to the World's End, where we met a lovely German/Chinese couple and had excellent food despite the slight wait. It was very very busy. There was a table full of teachers next to us getting drunk. We have t-shirts.

Heh heh. Bardi in a kilt.
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