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Three Icons Meme

Comment and I will choose three of your userpics and you have to explain them in a post asking the same of your flisters. Also, feel free to choose three of my own icons and ask me to explain them.

My icons, chosen by gblvr:

Ahh, Mana-chan. It is unfair that a man should be so pretty. I both love and hate him. He has nicer legs than I do and a much prettier collection of dresses. *Pouts*

L! L/cake! I love Death Note and I loved L in particular. Poor little L has dropped his cake. It must be the work of Kira! The corpse must be carefully studied (and eaten) quickly!

There's not too much to say about this one, other than the fact Belle was the kick-assingest of the Disney Princesses and she totally checked out the Kama Sutra from the library guy at some point.
Beast was a lucky...uh...thing.

Comment away if you want me to pick three of yours.
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