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You guys remember Hilda right? The one that doesn't give a damn about other people and was annoyed when her daughter tried to kill herself? Yeah, her. I can't remember whether I mentioned one of her daughters is pregnant (15 years old) and she just found out the other one (slightly older) is now as well, probably jealous of the attention the youngest gets.

Well it gets better. Her firstborn, also her only son, is in the army. He's found out he's being shipped off to Iraq soon. He has a week off before he goes and he said he'd come up ad spend it with her and the family. What's her reply?
"Oh, don't you bother. I'm too busy to deal with you."

Yeah, great. Your son is going to Iraq, where yes there is a chance he may never come home again, and you have decided you are too busy to spend a week with him?
She probably has a pie to eat that week or something.

I would say I had lost all respect for her, but I never had any.

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