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Tizer returned on the weekend and again last night, but dad was home. So he was seen off with a broom and despite our protests dad turned the hose on him last night the poor baby. This however has not discouraged him either and he just waited out the front for us to go to work. And attempted to get in the car with us. Naturally we were a bit concerned about him hanging around the car while we were trying to leave so we tried to hand him to dad (hey, maybe they would bond?). That didn't work because he refused. Suddenly one of the flat opposite opened their balcony door and Tizer made his way to the family that lives there who took him indoors. So they must be his owners. Unfortunately this explains a lot about his somewhat neglected state. They have a multitude of bad mannered children in a similar state. Chavs in council placements.

Anyway, the cold is just about gone but has left a tonsil stone in my case and a perforated eardrum in my mother's. And at some point last night I punctured my hand. Small hole, lots of blood so it must be deep. I have a bandage on it and will check it later to see whether it has stopped bleeding properly. It's too small to be stitched so I'll just have to keep pressure on it.

On the plus side, the day that the management stole from us they have given back. huzzah!
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