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We appear to have a cat.

He wandered in happy as you please when mum opened the back door to have a cigarette. Beautiful little ginger tabby with white paws and huge amber eyes. He said hello and wound his way around our feet, which is always an indicator to mum to provide snacks. So he got a little bit of chicken we had. He wolfed it down as if he had never had a meal in his life (he was actually a little skinny but has a nice shiny collar and bell with a name and phone number on it - I presumed he was skinny because he is barely more than a teenaged kitten). Apparently his name is Tizer.

He then decided that because we are so nice he would stay. Mum eventually had to take him out in the garden and close the door. He had great fun exploring everything (though he hadn't yet noticed Az which I am sure my canary is grateful for). He rolled around all purry and fluffy and adorably.

Shame we had to put him out, but I believe I have mentioned how much dad hates cats though I am sure one purring big-eyed roll around from Tizer and he'd be lenient. Dad should be home from work soon and if Tizer wants to keep sneaking in he'll have to wander off for the night. Besides, he belongs to someone. I'm pretty sure he's neutered and everything so he's probably very much loved too, if a little thin. This is the second time he's shown up in the evening though (first time we've fed him and he's come indoors).

In other news my mum has a perforated eardrum which is all infected. Ouch.
My cold is starting to improve yay!
The boss has stolen a day from us =( every year at Easter we get seven days off (not counting weekends) so when we were on dayshift we would get Good Friday off, then a week and back the tuesday after. Now they want us to work our usual thursday/friday so we are effectively not getting friday off despite it being a bank holiday, take the four working days off and then back on the monday. Backshift are not in on monday, nor are dayshift so you can imagine we are more than a little disgruntled. Had he ASKED chances are we might have agreed to work it, perhaps with a floating holiday given to us but he didn't. He was very agressive in his manner actually.
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