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I set myself a challenge a couple of days ago. In the spirit of nostalgia I decided to try and come up with a pair of characters I remembered well from my childhood to draw. But they would be slashed together and from two different series. Yet they had to be at least slightly plausible as a couple.

So that is - bizarre 80s children's tv characters in crossover slash fanart.
PLUS, just to make things a little more fun, I went with two non-human characters that I was always very fond of and humanised them. Mostly.

Bonus points for anyone who can correctly identify the characters (girls may find this easier than boys).
Mega Bonus points for anyone who then does their own fanart/fanfic of them as a couple (and shares with me).
Super Mega Bonus points for anyone who takes the idea of crazy nostalgia crossover couples and does their own thing.

Highlight here to reveal the characters and some thoughts on them-->Yes, it's Starlite from Rainbow Brite and Swift Wind from She-Ra.
Yes, the horses.
I find these two rather sweet together now actually.

Starlite was a very gay horse. He's covered in rainbows. He flies using rainbows.

Swift Wind, if I remember correctly, actually had an eye for the ladies...err...mares... Didn't he have a foal once? But still, maybe he was bisexual?

Maybe I should have used Bo's horse instead.

Nah, Swift Wind rocked. Though I could draw Arrow with someone else... Battle Cat maybe...

Whoops. Getting sidetracked.

The art is my usual low-quality crap. Sorry.

Yes, it's all rather silly really. Go on, draw/write your own, it's fun!

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