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Today I was thinking about comic book movies. Just randomly because I was bored (as I often am at work). I got to thinking about a Watchmen movie. I came to the conclusion it would be entirely impossible to do well and it would probably need to be a series.

Then just a few moments ago I came across something... it is a frame, a single fram, hidden inside the superlarge HD trailer for I think 300. I'm not sure on the details. Given the fact the image itself was HUGE and very dark, I have shrunk it to acceptable proportions and lightened it up a bit. If anyone wants the original just let me know, but it is just bigger and darker.

I do not know if this is real or just a clever hoax. I do not know if I am mortified or thrilled.

I just know who he is and what it might mean.
And I'm slightly scared.

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