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Tarot users!

I seem to have created a spread of sorts. It's fairly general though you can use it aimed at specific questions too. Those of you who are interested in tarot are free to use and share it at will. Just call it...uh... the Kelbardi Spread or something. Let me know how well it works for you.

The first card can either be random, or you can pick one from the deck specifically to represent you. Whichever you feel most comfortable with. The second will either represent an unknown event, or if you are asking a question it should represent a specific event. The rest is pretty self explanatory I think. If you have any questions just ask.

For those without a tarot deck, or who have not really used one before, I tried this out using a randomised selection of music on WinAmp. The songs in order represented the cards i to viii. It needs your own intuition to read the songs for what they are but seeing as many songs evoke specific feelings or thoughts, or even spell themselves out clearly on occasion, it shouldn't be too difficult.

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