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I got in the car this dark, cold morning to make my way home. I waited, heater turned up full, as my mother sprayed de-icer on the windscreen and back window. Around me workmates were either scraping or spraying. Except for Richard who stood in front of his window looking baffled. After a while he turned his car engine on and stared at the window some more.

I rolled down my side window to wipe the condensation from it as it had not frozen. The window rolled back up with a small squeak. The condensation that had not rolled off and had instead gathered at the top of the window trickled down slowly. As I watched it began to freeze and spread across the window, forming large, shining crystals. In under a minute the patch of ice was the size of my palm. A natural masterpiece from a single trickle of water.

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    I can't believe just how lucky I am.

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