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Happy Festivus everyone!

My birthday was pretty cool. I now own volumes 7 & 8 of the Death Note manga (woo!), a signed copy of Fragile Things (WOOOO!!), WiiPlay with a Wiimote (but not the Wii until Christmas! XD ), V for Vendetta graphic novel, Cooking Mama for the DS (soooo cute!), Bully for the PS2 (funky), a copy of the Davinci Code game for the PS2 (which baffled me because I have mentioned repeatedly about disliking the whole Davinci Code mess, but that is Craig), a large Auron figurine (mmmm Auron), the key to Davy Jones' heart and a light up Davy Jones (yaaarrrrr!), and a full-size FX lightsaber.

Oh yes. A fucking lightsaber. That lights up and goes VWOOOM VWOOOM KSSSSSSHHHHH.

Then we had Chinese food, as is tradition on my birthday.

Thankyou everyone for the birthday wishes!
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