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I've never ever done this before. For the first time in my life I am taking commissions. I am aware my art style is... lacking actually. But lately I have been missing the drive or inspiration to draw or something. So I'm going to draw things that perhaps I have never tried before.

There are no limitations. I'll try anything once, even if it's not something I particularly enjoy myself. Even if it squicks me a bit. I can't learn if I don't spread myself a bit after all.

Art will be digital and probably not very high-res I'm afraid. I can try and meet any particular requests you have (colour, black and white, entirely in different shades of green, a particular scene, whatever). I only ask that if you want multiple characters in a picture you don't go nuts. I am unlikely to be able to draw 50 different people at a nightclub. Three or less is ideal, but I can stretch that a little if you ask really nicely.

Prices are as follows:
Bugger me! They're free! I'm feeling Christmassy and giving.

Due to time restraints and my lack of confidence I'm only opening three slots at a time.

Slot 1 - Open
Slot 2 - Open
Slot 3 - Open

If I finish a piece and feel up to it I'll reopen that slot.

Cross-posted to my DeviantArt journal.

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