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So, Christmas lists. Several people have asked me to give them a list of things I want.

Nope. Sorry. Lots of reasons.
1) It would be impossible for most of you, being in the USA and all, to ship something here in time.
2) Ordering something in the UK over the magical intarweb would be HELLA expensive. Prices here are sometimes more than double what you're paying.
3) Americans can't order things from and vice versa. Which is a bit silly really.
4) I'm having big trouble coming up with something I want, other than a Wii (on its way as we speak!).

So what I want from all you remarkably pleasant and generous people who keep trying to buy me things is this:

I want you to take the money you were going to spend on me (you silly people) and buy yourself something that you really want but probably won't get as a gift. Anything at all. Then make a post about how much you enjoy your purchase. That's it.
If you're still itching to get me something then...uh...I dunno. Draw me a picture or write me a story or something. That's always appreciated.

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