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"It's odd without the dog. I keep expecting him lying around." Mentioned my mum this morning.

It's true, when we come home and it is dark we still put the kitchen light on so we don't step in the dogbowl/on the dog. I keep going into the kitchen when I get up to see if he needs out (a habit I developed pretty quickly after he lost his bark many years ago*). I mentioned this to her and she nodded understandingly.

"You know, sometimes I am sure I hear him arfing to be let out." she replied wistfully. "I actually got out of bed the other day to let him out into the garden because I'd heard him woof.I wonder if that makes me crazy?"
"Really? I've heard him too. I thought I was a bit crazy." I said with some amount of amused surprise.

Hmm. Yes.

*The bark was not completely lost all the time. He did retain the ability to arf if he really needed something. Seagulls however had to be content with him miming at them. Seriously.

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