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I don't know how many of you have seen Butterscotch, the new FurReal Friend toy, but I was in Toys R Us yesterday and I got to play with one. I hadn't heard of them until I walked by the rocking horses and one of them neighed at me.

Hmm, that was interesting. thought I One of these horses must have a motion sensor or something.

Then it moved.


It's a lifesize shetland pony that moves it's head and tail and all sorts. That's freaking cool. BUT there's more. In amusement I had to stroke its mane and it reacted. It nuzzled my hand when I patted its nose. It blew air out of its nose and blinked. The only thing it doesn't do is walk, but kids can ride it apparently.

It actually defies description and I haven't found many good videos of it, though there is one from a toy fair here. If you're passing a Toys R Us this week, pop in and play with it for a while. Robotic horses rock. I'd buy one if it wasn't £299.

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