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I don't update often enough. Mostly because my life is dull.
Hmm, happenings this week...
Eilidh went into hospital because she was having a lot of trouble breathing in the night.
Eilidh came back out of hospital because it was croup and she just needed a little steroids.
They are making line 7 at work a priority line for the next four weeks and asking for people to do overtime on it. A couple of the dayshift supervisors will be dealing with that and apparently they asked for me specifically.
Very much WTF as neither of those supervisors are aware I can run the machine on that line.
I said no anyway. I think they're just filling the line with the easiest people to manage. If a supervisors says "Jump!" I tend to shrug and figure I wasn't doing anything better anyway so I may as well.

Yes. Life is thrilling. Woo.
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