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As I may have mentiond already, work has been building a new hall for over a year now. They have finally installed the feminine product vending machines in the women's toilets/showers/locker room. It has at least five different types and brands of tampons/towels(napkins?) which is better than we previously had (unknown brands, one of each) but it also has more. There are painkillers, which are very useful to have. But there are also several brands of condom and some tights (pantyhose?). Wait, what? WHY would we need condoms at work? WHY would need tights when the uniform calls for long trousers? The only thing I can suppose is perhaps the tights are there for the office girls, but they have their own bathroom upstairs and I rarely see them in skirts anyway.


My mother, in a catty moment, suggested they had added those specifically for Emma on the weekend shift. I suggested they probably just gave condoms out to the male weekenders with their safety vests.
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